what was Jesus’s real name Jesus’s name in Hebrew was Yeshua therefore however did we tend to get
the name Redeemer and is Christ really a last name may be the foremost well-known
name within the entire world Jesus Christ is the name of the Messiah of the Christian
a faith which name has become pretty widespread no matter you’re personal
beliefs however there is one thing uncommon about the name Redeemer since within the
original copies of the Bible his Hebrew name is really written as Yeshua that
more closely aligns to English people name Joshua, therefore, wherever did this translation
come from well this is often a comparatively compact history that should do with
things neutering as some words became lost in translation, therefore, let’s commence
with our 1st question that is what language was the will
originally written in well it wasn’t written in English or Hebrew however rather
Greek, however, notice however my question centered on the will and not
the whole Bible that is as a result of the recent
Testament or the books of the primary of the Bible were written originally in Hebrew and Aramaic however the latter
of the Bible or will was written in Greek, therefore, this leads the United States to our
next question.

how did Yeshua become translated to Jesus within the text a Greek English
lexicon compiled within the nineteenth century by Henry St. George Liddell Robert Scott and
others Yeshua was translated into ancient Greek as prosecuting officer Seuss and that is
because the first authors of the New Testament were attempting to convert the
sound of the Hebrew name into Greek letters however since they did not have the
letters or orthography to represent the SH sound in their language they substituted
an S sound within the middle which semiconductor diode them to Ea Seuss however albeit there
were different men with the primary name Yeshua within the Bible within the will
and conjointly men with an equivalent name United Nations agency were contemporaries of Redeemer their names were
written in Hebrew and so stuck nearer to the Joshua translation once their names were reborn into English however it
took a short while for the J sound to be placed ahead of yeh Seuss it wasn’t until sixteenth-century English translations
of the Bible that Yay Seuss was spelled as Redeemer that the men named Yeshua within the
Old Testament.

became Joshua’s and therefore the Yeshua of the will was translated to Redeemer and therefore the distinction
of translation versus transcription here is essential translation is that the act of changing a word from one language to its
equivalent in another language like a book in English turning into Libro and span
but transcription is that the conversion of letters and sounds from one alphabet to
another, for instance, Greek has the letter fee however that letter is not an area of the alphabet in English, therefore, it’s phonetically
transliterated fee however that brings the United States to our third and final question, however, did Christians reach the complete title
Jesus Christ well in line with AN op-ed piece in Newsday written by rabbi mark Gelman
Hebrew naming practices do not favor last names however rather take the shape that
demonstrates parental connections to a father or mother Gelman notes a person name as your 1st
name in Hebrew followed by a connecting word mountain which suggests son of if you’re
male or larva which suggests girl of if you’re feminine these connecting words ar
followed by the primary name in Hebrew of your father and in some cases conjointly the
first name of your mother he goes on to write that in some cases you’re home of
birth or origin may even be superimposed to the end of your name in Hebrew to assist
distinguish between folks with an equivalent name from completely different places however within the
Christian religion Redeemer is noted because the son of mother and God that the ancient
the naming of Redeemer son of Joseph Mary’s husband within the Bible would not befit
instead throughout his life, he was familiar as Nazareth of Nazareth drawing the second
half of his name from wherever he was from and not from either parent the Christ portion of his name is not a final name at all but a word translate that that means the Messiah or God’s anointed one.

who was prophesized and expected regarding in the person religion, therefore, Christ during this
the case functions additional sort of a title as in Jesus The Anointed One or Redeemer the
Messiah instead of his family name, therefore, however, does it all add up within the case of the
name Joshua the name went directly from Hebrew to English however within the case of the
name Redeemer, I traveled an additional winding linguistic mechanical phenomenon from Greek
spellings to English and it most likely is because modern English naming
practices follow a strict type a primary name then a family name like Danielle
Bain bridge or John Doe that tons folks who speak English get a touch demanded by
thinking Christ could be a family name instead of a title therefore what does one suppose have anything else to feature to our timeline
drop it below make certain to follow the origin of everything on YouTube and Facebook and we’ll see you next week thanks for
all your queries and comments from our episode on the etymology of the word gay
here’s what a number of you had to mention 359 on YouTube noted that it was really Hungarian human rights
advocate decision Maria core Benny who coined the terms homosexual and heterosexual within the decade her Benny was
an advocate for gay rights ANd was in favor of repealing discriminatory buggery
laws therefore though the word did evolve into a medicalized term that that means
came in a while and was outside of its original intent.


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