What is Mental Health?


we all have mental health it is just as important as physical health it is not only about

mental illness or mental disorders this is just one part of a bigger

picture, it’s best to think about mental health as being on a continuum rather

than people being either mentally ill or mentally well we are all on the continuum

and we move up and down according to factors such as our genetic makeup

and upbringing our life circumstances and the stresses we are

under but one end of the continuum we have mental disorders like depression or

anxiety and at the other end we have states of positive mental health when we’re thriving

the contempt and fulfilled mental health interventions aim to move people up

the continuum so that they’re able to reach their full potential and live satisfying lives.



mental health problems


Mental Health



however when these emotions become severe enough that it interferes

with the person’s ability to function daily and these feelings become

persistent over time then it can develop into a mental health problem there

are many different types of mental disorders.



Mental Health





When left untreated mental disorders can be chronic and long-lasting and

are associated with an increased disability they significantly have

an impact on daily functioning I frequently interfere with family social and work

responsibilities, fortunately, there are effective treatments

and evidence-based interventions available the aim to help individuals understand

and cope with symptoms of mental illness however very

few people with mental disorders access existing treatment services this may be

due to barriers such as the stigma attached to seeking help

the lack of understanding of mental health problems uncertainty

of how to get help or the fear of disclosing mental health problems.





mental health problems



Research shows that stigma remains one of the biggest factors preventing people

from seeking help early for their mental health problems and getting the

appropriate support they need it is important to acknowledge that we all

have mental health and have a personal responsibility to learn how we can

improve and maintain our well-being in order to leave meaningful and satisfying

lives want to learn how you can do this great news why not join one of our

learning online.




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