Coronavirus: Trump signs order for relief after the collapse of congress negotiations

Donald Trump has introduced executive order to offer economic relief to thousands of pandemic-hit Americans, saying he was obliged to do that after congressional negotiations broke down.

Saturday, President Donald Trump signed various executive actions increasing benefit cuts and an exclusion delay, along with cutting money to provide $400 for each week’s increased welfare benefits.

Authorities have given a warning to the White House would not be able to use the money without Congress authorization. The orders include plans to help the unemployed, to postpone income tax, and to expand school loans.

Many of them face severe consequences because Congress covers government expenditures, not the president. Democratic senator Joe Biden said they were “a half-baked series of steps.

” It’s not clear if the move would lead to the end of negotiations for a debt deal between senior government officials and the highest Democrats. Two weeks later, meetings broke down on Friday.

Coronavirus: Trump signs order for relief after the collapse of congress negotiations

American people ‘hanging on by a thread

“This is the money they need, this is the money they want, this provides them to an opportunity to get back to life,” President Trump said of the reduced payments from his country club in Bedminster, New Jersey, at a news conference on Saturday.

United State rate of unemployment started to decline in July, but it was a much smaller fall than it was in May and June, destroying prospects for an economic recovery. The number of fatalities from the coronavirus epidemic has exceeded 160,000 throughout the country.

U.S. Government has many more cases of Covid-19 by number than any other country, almost five million and its fatality rate has slowly risen over the summer. So far, Congress has approved around 3 trillion dollars for disease outbreak relief.

A few other congressional republicans don’t want to spend any more, and almost half of Republican senators say they would be against any new relief payment.

Trump signs Covid-19 relief orders after talks with Congress break


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