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The Rise of QAnon
The rise of QAnon among Congressional Candidates. The far-right conspiracy QAnon started with an October 2017 article on “Q”‘s anonymous 4chan website, the hypothesis spread from the edges of the internet into the media, which was possibly originally an American individual but was actually later turned into a group of people. However, this will most […]
Coronavirus: Trump signs order for relief after the collapse of congress negotiations
Donald Trump has introduced executive order to offer economic relief to thousands of pandemic-hit Americans, saying he was obliged to do that after congressional negotiations broke down. Saturday, President Donald Trump signed various executive actions increasing benefit cuts and an exclusion delay, along with cutting money to provide $400 for each week’s increased welfare benefits. […]
Carlton D. Weekly better known as FBG DUCK was an American rapper from Chicago, FBG Duck was murdered, while two others have been injured in a Tuesday afternoon shooting in one of the most popular shopping areas in Chicago. The 26-year-old rapper was shopping with both a 28-year-old lady and also another 36-year-old man while fired […]
Massive explosion in Beirut rocks city with many injured
A large blast has hit the Lebanese capital, Beirut, inflicting widespread damage and injuring many people Breaking news from Lebanon the capital Beirut has been hit by a massive explosion dozens of people are said to be injured and there are some reports of people trapped under the rubble the cause of the blast is […]
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Teams Up To Buy XFL For $15M
A group including actor and former WWE star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has agreed to purchase the XFL for approximately $15 million, according to a news release issued Monday morning. Dwayne johnson is back in the sports world this time as a league owner the movie superstarteamed up with ex-wife and business partner Danny Garcia […]
Florida teen arrested for Bitcoin scam on Twitter
A 17-year-old in Tampa, Florida, is suspect of seizing the Twitter accounts of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and diverse alternative celebrities to scam individuals into sending the teenager bitcoin. Warren’s office described the teen as the “mastermind” behind the attack. “These crimes were perpetrated using the names of famous people and celebrities, but […]
The “TROLLZ” rapper continues to thrive following his unharness from jail. inline with TMZ, Tekashi has signed an enormous live-streaming influence GlobalStreamNow to the tune of $5 million for a virtual performance. Tekashi, who will be off house arrest in the coming days, will host the concert on Saturday, Sept. 5 at 8 p.m. EST. […]
The arrest of Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder and four others
the Ohio speaker of the house has been arrested by the FBI in what the department of justice is calling a 60 million dollar public corruption case. Ohio speaker of the house has been arrested by the FBI in connection with a federal bribery case.FBI agents and sheriff’s deputies raided the home of Ohio house […]
17 hours ago Hype Life Magazine Tory Lanez Allegedly Shot Megan
Megan Thee Stallion and her friend left a Hollywood Hills party in a vehicle accompanied by  Tory Lanez.  According to sources from the investigation, Megan ended up fired repeatedly in her feet because of an argument with Tory, who has been allegedly fired at her from the inside of the vehicle.  This was when LAPD pulled over Tory’s car on Sunday when Megan’s feet were still bleeding as they were told by the LAPD to leave the vehicle. Tory was arrested on account of the acquisition of a concealed weapon, but sources linked to Tory say conditions are minimizing.  Through what we have seen, we assume that he will say it was an accidental fire.  But the main report to police was also that someone had shot a gun into the air. However,  at first, Megan told police that she had cut her feet on glass, but remember “In this case,  she’s the suspect because the police had identified her from the beginning”.  It is quite possible that she felt threatened as a suspected victim of domestic abuse. There is also another issue, up to this point, according to police investigators, witnesses are not cooperating with police.  And without witnesses willing to testify the case against Tory may be difficult to prove.  Police have been notified, however, that gunfire is on phone video.  Unfortunately, police investigators informed out that they haven’t turned their eyes on that video yet, but clearly, once they see it that could change the case dramatically. 
Congressman John Lewis
Who is JOHN LEWIS John Robert Lewis an American politician and civil rights leader, was Georgia congressman from 1987 until his death in this year, at the age of 80, after a seven-month pancreatic cancer battle.  Congressman Lewis, who for 17 times served the 5th Congressional District in Georgia, died Friday.  In December 2019, he’d been diagnosed as a cancer battle. “Today, America is dealing with the loss of one of America’s greatest icons. ” Lewis has been in Congress since 1987 but had had an inspiring influence on American history long before that with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at times standing, shoulder-to-shoulder, in the struggle for civil rights.  the movement in the South against segregated buses  Mr. Lewis was part of a movement in the South against segregated buses which became known as the Freedom Rides in 1961. He spoke in 1963 at the historic protest march on  Washington, where Dr. King delivered his speech “I Have a Vision,” and protested in 1965 in  Alabama for civil rights.  John was one of the leaders terrorized by police during the Selma to Montgomery, Alabama march.  When he guided many thousand protesters all across Edmund Pettus Bridge, John was smacked in the head by police, who smashed his head and left a scar that he held for the remainder of his life. Since being stopped during a civil rights movement in Jackson,  Mississippi, his second-to-last statement, back on July 7, celebrated his release from jail.  The Respected Gentlemen from Georgia recently had been President Trump’s greatest enemy. Congressman Lewis did not attend Trump’s election, proudly named him a “racist,”  and in the media, they would still exchange insults. In 2011 President Obama gave the Medal of Honor to Congressman.