Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera American actress, model, and singer. Had missed and presumed dead at 1 pm, Wednesday, July 8th, after what appears to be a swimming accident in a southern California lake in Ventura County, she had gone out in a rented boat with her four-year-old son Josie, the rental boat was supposed to be returned at 4 pm however when the actress did not return, the employees operating the rental stand went out to look and found her son Josie alone asleep on the boat around 5 pm, and he told them ‘’that mom jumped in the water and she never comes back‘’.

The authority is saying that this is a recovery effort, they know that the area where she was and what this lake is really a reservoir that was just filled in, they dammed up one end of it, however, it is filled in but there are a lot of trees and debris on the bottom of the lake, what makes them believe happened is that she got caught in some of the trees or the debris and that would have caused her to drown.

The authority said that at the time of the accident visibility in the water was only five to nine inches, and they don’t expect maybe even a body to come to the surface in this type of body of water for seven to ten days. In Thursday the focus of the investigation shifted to a recovery operation with over a hundred personnel searching the lake as best they could even the poor visibility conditions and the obstructions such as tree roots which made the search slow and difficult and noted on Friday that fewer divers were being used in place of highly developed sonar equipment to help in the investigation. However,inMonday 13th, divers recovered the body around 9:30 Am, according to the Ventura County sheriff’s department authorities which resumed searching the lake in the early morning hours.


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