1. Not having a plan

Many Instagram users go onto the platform without any form of plan. They think just posting pictures every day is enough.

2. Buying Followers

This is one of the more common mistakes that new Instagram users make. They will start their account, post a few pictures, and get no followers. The next thing they do is buy real Instagram followers.

3. Posting Too Frequently

This is another problem that users not familiar with social media make. They will post way too frequently.

4. Not Adding Captions

A mistake that sometimes occurs is Instagram users forgetting to add captions. They think that no one reads the caption, so they leave it out.

5. Don’t Abuse Hashtags

Another widespread mistake people make using way too many hashtags. People will read that hashtags are good, but then they decide to put 35 hashtags in their post.

6. Track Your Metrics

Tracking metrics is one of the most important parts of marketing. Without marketing, you would not know if you are doing the right strategy or if your strategy needs adjustment.

7. Have a Profile Theme

Instagram does not allow custom themes. However, you can set a general theme for your profile by the type of pictures that you post.

8. Not Using Video

Small businesses on Instagram will often suffer from this problem. A video is difficult to produce, and the effect is difficult to measure.


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